By uncovering why traditional Rewards Program practices are no longer sufficient for attracting and retaining customers, it is becoming increasingly evident that an intelligent Rewards Program is the only way to keep up with a rapidly changing and crowded business landscape.

An effective Rewards Program draws in useful data from various touch points between businesses and consumers. These data are then translated and formatted into easy to interpret statistics. These reports provide Marketing and A&P stakeholders the necessary information to set up more effective campaigns which tailor various rewards to each customer profile. Matrix 2.0 CRM provides a seamless end to end and scalable solution for businesses to analyze data and manage customer relationships.

To begin the journey of implementing an intelligent Loyalty-CRM Program, a system that handles all facet of maintaining a Loyalty Program has to be set up. The system should have features supporting all major and mainstream communication tools (SMS, Email Direct Marketing, Letter Shopping), Campaign Manager to manage comprehensive rewards programs, seamless interface to essential touch points such as POS and analytics capabilities.

Matrix 2.0 CRM Features

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