Matrix Reports is an integrated product within the Matrix 3.0 Suite that provides the most complete and comprehensive BI front-end for OLAP analysis.

It enables users to perform ad-hoc analysis based on the customer demographic and segmentation to derive the buying patterns and product preferences. Sophisticated RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) analysis results can be obtained from Matrix Reports to determine which marketing campaign is most relevant to each customer.

With Matrix Reports, users are able to perform in-depth analysis, data exploration, and drill-through to raw data. Analysis can be saved as a report view and shared easily among users.

Matrix Analytics Features

Advance Pivot Reporting comprises of the following main functions:

End users are provided with the flexibility to analyze and trace problem areas directly to the source, with multi-dimensional analysis, drill down, and drill through capabilities. In addition, end users can perform analysis with exception highlighting (color coding) features that provides a powerful visual environment to monitor and set thresholds to Matrix Reports measures.

Product Highlights

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