ascentis partner program

Ascentis partners are well equipped with industry domain knowledge, complimentary products/services, excellent track records and vast business networks.

Ascentis has a complete partner program, Ascentis Channels, which aims to support and promote partners around the world. The program consists of three types of partnership models:


Strategic Alliances partners

Strategic Alliances partners – to resell Ascentis’ products on a global, regional or country level, and work closely with Ascentis on joint sales and marketing campaigns.

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OEM partners

OEM partners - use Ascentis’ products and adopted technology to enable their own software with powerful features and analytical functionality. Many types of software applications can benefit from Ascentis’ CRM and Business Intelligence capabilities. OEM partners can market Ascentis’ products under their company’s brands.

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Consulting partners

Consulting partners - focus on implementing Ascentis’ products, which have been purpose-built to be easy to use, install and maintain. Consulting partners may also take a role in recommending Ascentis’ products to their clients.

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The Ascentis Channels program ensures that partners are fully supported and able to make the most of opportunities to use Ascentis’ products. Full product information, demo environment and training is provided, along with technical support and marketing collaterals from Ascentis. Partners can also participate in joint marketing campaigns and events aimed at increasing opportunities to showcase Ascentis’ products.

Flexible Training Program

Flexible formats and customization to meet your training requirements is available.

Please contact us at for full program information or to locate an Ascentis partner.